Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Opinionation in Defense of Treason

David Brooks of the New York Times on yesterday's National Assrape (h/t bDr for linking around the firewall). An excerpt:
His decision to commute Libby’s sentence but not erase his conviction was exactly right. It punishes him for his perjury, but not for the phantasmagorical political farce that grew to surround him. It takes away his career, but not his family.

Of course, the howlers howl. That is their assigned posture in this drama. They entered howling, they will leave howling and the only thing you can count on is their anger has been cynically manufactured from start to finish.

The farce is over. It has no significance. Nobody but Libby’s family will remember it in a few weeks time. Everyone else will have moved on to other fiascos, other
poses, fresher manias.

David Brooks is an amoral asshole, an actual traitor with no respect for the law. He has no business telling Americans anything. That he is employed by anyone, let alone The Rovewhores of Record, is the real outrage here. David Brooks feels secure enough to tell the rest of us that we have "no significance" for caring about an obstruction of justice far more substantial than one that caused the impeachment of a President over a blowjob. I can only hope that any court prosecuting a crime of which Mister David Brooks is the victim will remember his unconcern for the rule of law. I'm reduced to that hope because I presume that Mister David Brooks is nominally an American citizen and can't be deported to a country with legal standards approximating his own. I repeat: David Brooks is defending treason. He is a traitor.

Let me put it more plainly: it would be perfectly morally appropriate for one to steal everything David Brooks owns. He doesn't believe that you should be punished. Of course, you will be, because he's lying about that bit. Unless you're one of his or the President's lying liars or treasonous traitors or disingenuous Dicks.

Lest I be accused of misunderstanding Mister David Brooks' point, let me say this: I understand, you wheezing fartbag of an excuse for a journalist. You don't think it matters. You think mandatory sentences aren't appropriate for lying, traitorous white Republicans. You have no respect for anyone who does. You have no problem with the President's decision to assist Libby in a way that preserves Libby's right to defend the President and his other cronies.

Fuck you, David Brooks. Fuck anyone who would defend the commutation of Scooter Libby's well-deserved prison sentence. Fuck anyone who tries to claim anything but the most cynical motives for the shit-on-our-faces insult to every American that the President perpetrated yesterday.

I've been pretty quiescent about politics of late because I've been unconvinced of the relative benefit of bitching about it all. And I was going to stay silent about this one, because there's not much point. But thanks to Mister David Brooks, I'm done with reason. This near-fetishistic, Hustler-worthy presidential abuse is a higher crime than anything Richard Nixon ever did. Impeach the motherfucker.

Update: I can see this isn't going to evaporate easily. I am christening this the first post in a new Minions series entitled, Shut Up, You Lying Motherfucker. More to come.

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Sasha said...

You forgot to mention that the David Brooks version of lying motherfucker is also dumber than dirt. I think he must sleep with a tap feeding directly into his brain to imprint the talking points because otherwise he can't keep a sentence straight.