Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Turn At The Apocalypse

You may have noticed that I scold my BFF when he simpers about various Apocalypses, but today I'm going to beat him to the simpering, assuming he has any intention of going there (and I truly have no idea if he does, and hooray for him if he gets to scold me this time, really).

For instance? Now I'm willing to say this: St. Louis United. It's not that I think that an extra fifty cents or a buck is going to drive down ticket sales for United. Their inherent fundamental and thoroughgoing shittiness will do a fine job of that, and it's only a buck a pop. But for once, Kevin Payne is right; the city bleeds United drier than dry on renting RFK stadium, takes what it can get (and it's not a trivial amount) from United for the community, and won't play nice with the club on a new stadium because it (the city) let the Lerners drive a convoy of 18-wheelers up its ass. A ticket tax? That exempts the Nationals (fuck you on the "it's in their contract" bullshit, DC)? How many more times does Will Chang need Adrian Fenty to show off his ass? At this point I couldn't blame Chang at all for running to a city that wants him. And I won't.

But all that piddles, because I've finally figured out that BFF is right about the death--no, the zombification, really--of progressivism. I make no bones about being, in general, centrist/accomodationist to a degree that makes me ashamed. I do not reserve a topic tag here for whining about how I like money and stuff just fine. Somehow I get up and look in the mirror and shave without slashing my materialist throat, and I acknowledge that I should spend more time and energy feeling bad about that and yelling "Up against the wall, motherfucker" at myself. That said, my political instincts are essentially progressive. I favor government. I favor government helping people. Fucktards call that a welfare state. I call it decency.

Why the sudden capitulation to the notion that liberalism is staggering around moaning about braims? Elena Kagan, of course. Greenwald's a fucking prima donna, but he's basically right; there's every indication that Kagan is a stupid choice at this point for a guy who told us that he thought the Court was important. Ginsburg's almost certainly going to have the good sense to retire next year, if she doesn't drop dead; the time to get a genuine and unarguably liberal voice onto the Court, before the November elections (I don't buy the argument that our Senate majority is toast in November, but the opposition has made clear that they think they're the majority anyway), was right now. Instead, Obama chose a political payoff in the course of Charlie Browning his way out onto the field, where 41 Republican Lucies await. After conceding to them that the Warren/Burger court was guilty of "judicial activism." Sigh. How do we keep electing as President supposed intellectuals who turn out to be actual hydroencephalic retards? I mean, really, are you a fucking mole, you stupid Kenyanesian Islamunofascist fuck? Unbefuckinglieveable.

So why does all this push me over the brink, to a conviction that progressivism is dead? Well, because progressivism is dead. Look, I don't know if you've been out there in Blogistan today, but the stupid burns strong, especially at places like FDL (to which I won't link because they're the epitome of left-wing fucktardery, except for TBogg, to whom I'll link shortly), which actually does a fine job of illuminating both sides of the stupid and of microcosming my point.

Rest of FDL: "Kagan is horrible and you're all traitors to the cause, you filthy privileged centrist fucks, this proves that you all want to turn women into chattel and betray humanity and you probably voted for Bush and Palin anyway, you privileged cocksuckers."

TBogg: "Hey, let's trust Obama. He's not stupid."

Sigh. Progressivism has become, as someone in TBogg's comments said, a circular firing squad. I dislike Kagan as a nominee, for the reasons I've outlined above, and because I think that Stevens should be replaced by Stevens, and because in the absence of a palpable record (other than Kagan's unfortunate and crystal-clear support for executive power), why the fuck would I assume the best, and oh yeah, because she hired a shitraft of conservatives into the Harvard Law School, given a choice, maintaining an abysmal record on diversity in the process. I'm supposed to give this the benefit of the doubt?

Look, it's not like TBogg to be that fucking stupid. He claims he thinks that fighting Kagan is a waste of energy, and he's probably right. That doesn't mean he deserves to be vilified for his stance, and none of it means that Greenwald should be prancing around the airwaves picking personal fights with other Democrats and generally making Rachel Maddow look like a principled genius (which she ain't). I think TBogg's stance, given what he's professing, should be that Kagan sucks but we're going to lose. But it's his stance, and it's true that Kagan is not all that likely to turn out to be a reverse-ideological nightmare.

Progressivism doesn't have a chance unless its political flag bearers adopt an incrementalist approach. Y'know, the one that worked for 60 fucking years. Shuffling around eating the brains of dissenters isn't going to do it--especially in the face of opposition populated by velociraptors. I think that BFF is still right about his whole .06 percent meme (though it's more stale than last week's fresh mozzarella), but Obama's accomodationist and cronyist choice of Elena Kagan narrows the math nontrivially.


BDR said...

Yay! though I'd add, what I find funny about the ticket tax is that Adrian forgot to call Kevin after a month and a half ago Kevin bad-mouthed the DC govt. The tax is aimed at Ted; not calling United is petty payback.

The problem with progressivism is we're basically conservatives: we're not trying to win anything, we're trying to keep what we got.

BDR said...

My apologies: it was MLS commish Don Garber who publicly chastised the District:


Landru said...

Oh, that's it. You've lost all your credibility forevers.

BDR said...

Well, the dynamic is the same - I'm sure the slight by the District is deliberate: Get the fuck out; see if we care.

Sasha said...

I'll say this because it is my job. Maddow IS a principled genius. That said, that is my only real point of disagreement.

I'd like to point to Mr. Lemieux' piece at TAP which introduces some details about the embarrassment that was Whizzer White into the mix as well as pointing to Mr. Reagan's failure to turn the court because he nominated Scalia when he could have gotten Bork through.

I'm so mad at Mr.Obamathat I could spit. Couldn't he at least get on the damn TV and kick and scream for what he wants to appear to believe in? Shithead.

Sasha said...

Oh, crap, I was so mad I forgot the linky. Sorry.