Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Brownian Motion

I'm a tad bored. I have concluded that I will make no more actual work happen this day, and I've done my Web rounds. And yet, I have nothing to write about, really. So I'm just going to sit here and riff on whatever comes to mind until I bring things to a conclusion that does not suck obviously. Maybe.

I am extremely bored by Harriet Miers, and by the continuing furor. Fascists? Hello, I know you're there and listening. Shut the fucking fuck up. She's one of you. I know that you're worried, because she's old and dried up and might die before you're ready for her to do so (although my confidence in Your ability to lie and skank your way back into power by the time she completely turns to dust and blows away remains unshaken). I know that you think that she's not enough of a broomstick up the virgin ass of your mortal enemies. But really? Your hypocrisy is just making the floor all slippery on this one. Shut the fucking fuck up and back your goddam President on this one.

And Liberals? Give it the fuck up. What do you think, you're going to get a Roe supporter nominated or confirmed? Not unless we're talking about sturgeon. Suck it up and start screaming along about August 15. Any earlier than that, and you're going to lose the dumbfucks' attention. And starting the drum circle even 90 days before Election Day is kinda risky. Give. It. Up.

Fuck You:
  • Jacob Weisberg, fascist sympathizer;
  • Jeffrey Bell and William Kristol, whining, logic-challenged hypocritical fucktards;
  • Judith Miller, no link necessary;
  • anyone who espouses the opinion that wanting Sadaam Hussein to be dealt with under the rule of law constitutes sympathizing with the motherfucker--in fact, if someone has the unmitigated gall to say something like this to your face, just fucking punch them in the gob, because by spouting such horseshit they've given up any right to due process or American citizenship, and if they protest, punch them again; and
  • UberCunt Michelle Malkin, who fits into the above category but deserves something more prolonged, deadly, and communications-impairing than a mere "Fuck You."

Kudos to blackDogred, who wins this week's prize for outstanding news analysis.

Yes, the picture is an inside joke and you don't get to know what it is.

New episodes of South Park, and a new season of Drawn Together, start airing on Comedy Central tonight. Be there.

And with that, I'm off to be The Good Boyfriend and take Databoy to the dentist for his face-tightening, because Dog knows I don't get to hear enough misery and whining in my life.


Sasha said...

Nope. I turned on Miers yesterday and now I'm going to fight to the death. I understand your view, and you're probably right. But if she is confirmed women will die. And I must fight the good fight as long as I can to keep that from happening.

Landru said...

If anyone G.W. Bush nominates is confirmed, women will die. You gonna fight a good 3-year fight? Doesn't do anything for our side's credibility in winning the war. And the battle's already lost.