Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Only A Matter of Time

First on the scene in truth and civility, your correspondent and mine, Our Lady of the Concentration Camps managed to post this morning a really low-quality Photoshop superimposing the face of her apparently fraudulent hero, J-Mac (Invalidator of All Anti-War Sentiment!), over the famous 70s picture of Senator Kerry testifying against the war.

Sigh. Why do you make me keep doing this, Mrs. Malkin? I mean, I'm going to have to start autotexting this shit.

Fuck you, you lying, passive-aggressive, hypocritical, evil, propagandizing, fact-ignoring, racist, ping-pong-ball-queefing blogslut.

What, you want something that's not about Our Lady, but about the issue?

Sure, I'll give it to you. Comparing apparently lying scum like The Invalidator (who, it seems, didn't serve and just likes dressing up in military stuff) to a man who actually served, and won medals for his wounds (shut the fuck up--every lie anyone made up about Senator Kerry's war wounds has been roundly refuted) and for his service under fire (same--just shut the fuck up, liars), is as uncivil, untruthful, and Goebbelsriffic as it gets. The case makes itself, for anyone with a modicum of literacy and an IQ greater than that of wet cardboard.

And that? Was about as much civility as I could manage. Fuck off, Malkin, you cunt.


Purplestate said...

Actually, No. We don't want a civil commentary on the issues, thank you very much, that's why we have Ryan Seacrest. From you, we expect ranting, of the toppest notch and most flameorific flamability.

"Ping-pong ball-Queefing blogslut" almost makes the mark, but for the sad object -- blogslut? You can do better, and you know it. You writhe even as you read this, thinking, "if only I had taken another moment to come up with a more vituperative phrase; alas, once again I have failed my dedicated readers. Both of them!"

And yes, you do use semi-colons when you think. Shut the fuck up.

Kiss! Cya in Dixie!

IamTom said...

I'm curious. Do you have any facts to support your beliefs? And are you willing to contemplate a set of facts contradictory to your beliefs?

I served twelve months (Sept '67-Sept '68) in the Mekong Delta River Patrol Force, the "PBR's." (Think of Apocalypse Now--the boat traveling upriver to find Kurtz was a PBR.) I commanded a division of ten of those boats. I am intimately familiar with the weapons and the tactics involved in the incident that led to Kerry's first purple heart.

From the beginning of this dispute there has been absolutely no doubt in my mind what happened. Kerry and at least one other man were in a Boston Whaler ( I never heard it referred to as a "skimmer.") It's an 18-foot flat-bottomed craft that can easily hold three men--I have been in one with two other men on many occasions. They spotted what they thought were Viet Cong on the beach, and they opened fire. There was no return fire; whoever they were shooting at fled immediately. Kerry himself had never been under fire at this point. One's first instance of live-fire action is fraught with confusion, particularly in darkness. (In a diary entry referring to a subsequent patrol, Kerry himself said that "none of us had ever been under fire." Apparently he forgot about his oroginal baptism of fire, thus becoming the first man I have ever heard of who did so.) At some point while the guys in his boat were firing, Kerry picked up an M-79 and fired it. The M-79 fires a 40MM grenade that arms three meters from the muzzle, and is extraordinarily sensitive (one of my men was wounded by one when a round he fired nicked a palm frond about ten meters away). Upon detonation, an M-79 grenade detonates a high explosive charge around which is wrapped a perforated steel coil. The perforations break, resulting in a burst of perhaps a hundred small pieces of steel, with a lethal range of five meters. Kerry's round struck rocks nearby. The piece of steel which he apparently carefully nurtured in his arm was described later by a the doctor who removed it as exactly matching an M-79 round's fragment.

No one else involved in the incident reported any return fire from the beach. No after-action report referred to enemy fire. Had the wound been caused by enemy fire, there are only two possible causes of that wound: an explosive round detonating near the boat, or bullet fragments resulting from a rifle round striking the boat or a metal object in it. No one, including Kerry, alleges that an incoming explosive round detonated. No one, including Kerry, contends that the boat or anything in it was struck by a bullet. The inescapable conclusion is that Kerry was wounded by his own round, and that it occurred while he was not engaged in combat with the enemy.

The circumstances following this event are truly sordid. Kerry's commanding officer rejected out of hand his request for the award of a purple heart. He subsequently renewed that request to a different commanding officer, after the original officer had returned home. He was able to present to the new C.O. the corpsman's duly filed report of an injury to his arm.

The entire system of combat awards is dependent on its being administered by honorable men, and it is child's play to cheat that system. Kerry cheated it. His behavior was disgraceful and dishonorable.

Best regards,