Friday, June 30, 2006

The Pride of the Aryans

Germany-Argentina. Wow. Where to begin? Once begun, can I keep from choking on my own bitter disgust long enough to finish a coherent post?

No. No, I cannot. The Argentines are clear finalists in the World I Can't Hate You Enough championships, and I'm not overfond of them as a national entity, either, being as they are the last country (other than our own) to actually manifest imperialist designs. And that not particularly competently. Or creatively. Rocks full of penguins? Morons.

As for their futbol team, one cannot spew enough misogynist invective about them. And misogyny is easy, when it comes to Argentine futbol, because they're all cranky, menstrual women, every fucking one of them. Diving, whining, passive-aggressive pussies. With handbags.

And yet, despite their whinging pussitude, they are a well-oiled fascist machine.

Marcelo Balboa, by the way, sucks ass.

I have previously opined about the Germans. But the Argentines are so loathsome, I was disappointed when they beat US arch-rival Mexico. I am within a hair's breadth of supporting Germany in this match.

There, I've done it. I've choked to death on my own pathetic and desperate anger. Gaaaahhhhh!

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