Thursday, August 03, 2006

Not Important Enough To Be Outed

What a pack of fucking wankers. Their campaign to publish, on the Internet, the name of every Democratic voter in America, beginning with the ones who express opinions out loud or in writing, is a perfect invention of grassroots fascism. Who knew that was possible?

I? Am nameless, motherless, godless, shameless, and, if things are going really, really well, witless. At least as far as y'all are concerned. And we'll just keep it that way.

I'm going back to monitoring Deadspin and KSK for entertainment. A half hour of catchup on my favorite celebrity sausages has given me indigestion.


Sasha said...

I'm just gonna say the same thing here that I said over at TBogg.

I probably shouldn't pop up my chipmunk head for the assholes to shoot at, but I really really need to say that I'm sorry the world is so full of right wing passive aggressive dicks.

Blackdogred said...

Not too important to be outed?

Oh yes, yes you are, Mr Yale Mallenger.