Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Politics of Me

Joe Lieberman really needs to be isolated from his former party. Starting right now. Starting last night, actually. Isolated. Deprived of support. More importantly, deprived of attention--after the publicly attentive act of dropping him like a rock, the way he stood before the television cameras last night and declared his independence from the party.

You, Senator Lieberman, are a selfish wanker--as you have been before (see 2000, when you risked having your replacement appointed by a Republican governor when you hedged your bet on the presidential election in which you were running). Respect the election results, and get behind Ned Lamont's campaign.

That right blogistan is up in arms about this pretty much proves the case. There is no reason to believe that right blogistan has the Democratic Party's interests at heart when it gives political advice. The less hypocritical denizens of that land are courteous enough to admit it, and to confess their motives for their vocal support of Lieberman.

And Lanny Davis--for whom I once voted, when he ran for Congress in my district--is dead to me. The one lesson that we, as Democrats, should take from the political career of Saint Ronnie Reagan is this commandment: though shalt not speak ill of another party member. Lanny, prompted and encouraged by the wise leadership of the Lord High Senator from Connecticut, violated that commandment big-time on Monday with his op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journal condemning the moderate ("left") wing of the party in favor of the Republican ("moderate") wing, and accusing fellow Democrats of McCarthyism. I will never again vote for a candidate Lanny Davis supports (unless, of course, I have no reasonable choice--if he somehow weasels his way into the good graces of our party's 2008 presidential candidate, I'll have to temporarily suspend this sentence in favor of the common good).

Lieberman's hypocrisy and lies need to be stopped. I only hope that the rumors are true, and that more balanced minds (Chris Dodd and others, if the variety of this morning's news reports are to be believed) can talk this true moonbat down off of the ledge.


Anonymous said...

I think I'd like to disavow him on behalf of We Chosen, as well.

whispers said...

You feel bad for voting for Lanny Davis? I voted for Lieberman FOUR TIMES!

I think the Democrats should do one of those Klingon "you're dead to me" ceremonies with Holy Joe. Or maybe he should go fishing with Fredo.