Monday, January 22, 2007

Blog For Choice Day

It's Blog for Choice Day, which coincides with the 34th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision that established reproductive choice as the law of our land. I am not presently enamoured of the organization that I understand to be the sponsor of this blogging event. While I have family connections to NARAL and have long supported the organization (and still unshakably support reproductive freedom), NARAL's duplicity and dishonesty in supporting Joe Lieberman for Senate in Connecticut was reprehensible and unforgiveable.

I unswervingly support reproductive freedom. I don't have a personal story to share; I am a male, and have never been involved (to my knowledge) in a reproductive choice other than the choice to use contraception (or not). I do not view this as an issue on which there is any room for maneuver or debate. A woman's body is hers.

Blog for Choice Day asks us to blog about why we support reproductive freedom (actually, the blog cited above asks us to blog about why we support choice, but I see choice as a subset of the larger, more significant concept). I cannot explain my belief; it stems from my personal wellspring of what is right and what is not. I can explain some things that strengthen my belief.

Actually, I can explain one thing that strengthens my belief. Reproductive freedom is under assault by people who do not respect others' values. These people are hypocrites and liars. They would have us believe that their values are the only values, that their God is the only God, that their voice is the voice of any God, that a woman's choice not to reproduce decisively affects any sentient being other than herself. They use scare tactics, bad science, and abusive propaganda to distort and inflame. They would set themselves up as the deciders of things that are not theirs to decide.

They are fascists. They are theocrats. They ignore the teachings of their own religions to be gentle and non-judgmental and forgiving. These are not people who should persuade, or who should be given an ear.

I support choice because your choice is none of my fucking business.


Anonymous said...

Good on you.

Anonymous said...

Amen Brother!