Friday, January 12, 2007

My Final Statement on Iraq

Okay, probably not. But it makes me tired, the obviousness of the proposition that Iraq has nothing to do with terrorism, which is itself a small problem best dealt with by properly funded and well-supported law enforcement agencies. It makes me tired, these psychopathic morons--many of them constituting the mainstream media--who try to convince me that I, a citizen of the most powerful nation on Earth, have something to fear besides fear itself. It makes me tired, these shameless braying fascists who think that I am the enemy because I disagree.

And so here, courtesy of Lawyers, Guns, and Money, are the facts about our invasion of Iraq:

1. What are the consequences of America losing a war?

The same as the consequences of any other country losing a war, only far less so since the war was fought far away for reasons tangential to genuine US security interests.

2. What will it do to our position in the world?

The dreadful defeat will leave the US the most powerful country in the world.

3. What will it do to our national psyche?

It may be marginally more difficult for the New Republic to gin up support for the next idiotic foreign adventure.

4. What will it do to the people who fought in the war?

More of them will be alive, and will enjoy the full use of their limbs and brains.

Are we clear here? Feel free to exercise your constitutional right to tell me that I love terrorists. Do not be surprised when I exercise my constitutional right to tell you that you are a deluded fuckwit.

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