Friday, January 26, 2007

Variants on Nothing

Mmkay, so Ilse got a long-term substitute job at one of the best schools in the county. She is officially an English teacher. Of course, at the moment, she's an exploited temporary worker allowing The Man to tread on her back for His benefit (she'll be doing actual teacher work, as an actual teacher, for about 60 percent of the salary), but it's an in, and it's a fabulous opportunity. So good on her.

I inadvertently wronged a beloved friend with my original post when I tagged Goth as the greatest English teacher on the planet. Actually, I probably wronged a bunch of people, but the point here is that I wronged another one of my minions, and I really hate myself a lot when I do that. Take a bow, Kimmah. Sorry about that whole ass-fucking thing, babe. I'll try to give you some warning and an anesthetic next time.

There will be more--much more--about important things like laughing my ass off at Bears fans Goth and Ilse over the next week. But for now, I'll leave you with yet another reminder of how and why DOOK SUCKS.

Fuck the fucking fuck out of Dook.

But speaking of which, one of my two Dookie friends on this planet is getting married. If'n you can't keep getting the milk for free, Sparkles, well, then good on you, love. Congrats and good luck. But Dook still sucks.


Kimmah said...

There's a reason I worship at the altar of Landru, you know.

You didn't really slight me at all--frankly, I **know** that Goth is the bestest--he blows me away whenever we talk about teachery things--insert yawns here--and I ask him for help lots of times. I appreciate the note, though. Teachers do crave the appreciation, you know.

I'm sooo excited for Ilse. Sounds like a great gig!

gothmog said...

Yeah right, Kimmah. I've never been voted Homecoming Queen.

And? Dook sucks.

Kimmah said...

I would totally vote for you should the opportunity present itself.

Anonymous said...

I'm totally enjoying the image of Mom? in the tiara.