Thursday, August 16, 2007

New Employment

Things are now official, and I can now report that Goth's worst fears are true: I am, in fact, the new Professor of Religion at his school, Repressed Jailbait High in Flynt, Oklahomianinois. What's especially exciting is that the girls in my 4th period The Somewhat Messy and Thoroughly Degrading Aspects of Satan Worship go straight from my class to to Goth's 5th period History, Dissection, and Frottage of Semiotics class. We expect them to learn real good.

Okay, okay, I got the aforementioned top-secret job. It puts me back in the people management business. Fear for them.


whispers said...

Anybody see my jaw lately? I think it dropped a bit.

Sasha said...

Just thinking of them brings a tear to my eye. Of course I recovered when I reminded myself that at least they won't be managed by me.

Distinguished Prof. of Semiotic Frottage said...

Your loss, dood. I was looking forward to team teaching with ya. (Or is that, tag-team?) And I'm sure we could've convinced Dweeze to take a serious, um, hard look at RJH.

Congrats on the other thing. Whatever it is.

Kimmah said...

did someone mention school? awesome.