Thursday, November 01, 2007

Yet Another Update

And for the last time this season: Fuck.

The positively excrescent collapse of DCU in the opening round of the MLS playoffs (and I'll leave it to this guy to rant about the idiocy of the MLS playoffs) doesn't nauseate me nearly as much as the thought that I may well have just seen Jaime Moreno and Christian Gomez (among others) in United kit for the very last time.

Or as much as the thought that I'd really rather see New England win a game on Saturday. The vomiting may never stop.

Update/Comments Response: Let's not get all irrationally exuberant here, Jolene. I would really rather see a localized black hole open and swallow everything from Kennebunk to Cherry Hill, save the people and restaurants I like. I'm just talking about preferences in the range of likely outcomes, is all.


Jolene said...

Surely we are in the end times if landru is cheering for a New England-based team.

bad day redux said...

Update 8:05am 11/2.

Fuck, adding, if you enter a tournament you might as well win the tournament, lunatic rules or no.

And strangely, the thought of Gomito gone bothers me more than the though of Jaime gone.

Jolene said...

Phew. Order is restored.

whispers said...

And here I was about to bandwagon for DC United. Well, I guess it's New England instead. Good thing there aren't any important football games this weekend to distract the good people at Gillette Stadium.

Let's see what the MLS website has to say....

"We checked in with the D.C. United team after their hometown playoff defeat by Chicago Fire in a tense 3-2 game."

Wow. That's pretty poor. Whoever is writing copy over there doesn't understand the concept of aggregate scoring.