Sunday, January 27, 2008

Fire Jim Fassel

Thanks to Sasha for pointing out this spiffy new blog.

I've been pissed at the Redskins organization for a long time. Their extension of the idiot Vinnie Cerrato's contract was the key message from the organization for this off-season; everything else is just Dan and Vinnie dumping on the chests of the fans (a pursuit best left to certain Giants defensive linemen, but it's not like we have any control over these things, izzit?). Firing a popular and completely blameless defensive coordinator (in addition to not selecting him as a perfectly worthy successor to El Senor Jesus Gibbs) is just a guarantee that the defensive roster will pretty much unnecessarily turn over in the next two seasons.

Further, with new offensive and defensive coordinators hired, it's clear that whatever tool is hired as coach is just keeping the seat warm until the Two Stooges decide he's to blame for their moronic decisions. I can't imagine anyone other than Norv Turner taking that job.


bdr said...

Six Flags Over Shitty!

You know, he's gonna buy United someday.


Landru said...

Just when I think I have a handle on hopeless bleak despair, you remind me of why you are my oldest friend.

Sasha said...

And I keep seeing the Cerrato on the teevee. Man it is so discouraging.

whispers said...

I've gotta congratulate Snyder for taking a good situation and making it shitty. He really has a talent for that.