Sunday, January 20, 2008

Getting It Totally Wrong

While my good friend Sasha can't do math, mostly because she hates this man

so much that she can't even type the URL for CNN,* she got the principle spot on.The count of delegates won so far is paltry and close--38-36 in Senator Obama's favor, by CNN's count. Those who are talking about Senator Clinton's superior position and the imminent death by primary of Senator Obama have feces stuffed between their ears.

It's like Sasha and bDr and I have been telling you: the media are looking for the most entertaining race possible. The media heavily favor a Clinton nomination because it allows them to sell the most advertising--mostly by smirking: "I'm not saying Hillary's a bitch, but look at all these people who do!"

This is close. Pay no attention to the heads, because they're just giant tubs of shit. Vote your vote, and we'll see how it counts up. I'm not a fan of either candidate--for the moment, there is one for whom I would vote if you held a gun to my head, but they both reverse shitheadness with such stunning speed that this could change in a heartbeat if Hillary's race-bashing reverts to being more offensive than Obama's sucking up to Reagan while violating Ronnie's Law--and make no mistake, it will. And then it won't. And then it will. Maybe. These two are taking turns shooting their own genitalia off, in my book. Who knows who will get the last shot?

But enough about me. This is about you being lied to. Don't listen. Just vote.

*And death by broomstick to Blooger for not allowing me to type out the URL in line without loading additional characters into it because I, apparently, am too fucking stupid to know what I want to type, even in the fucking HTML editor.


Sasha said...

Ahh yes, the beard. Another of my many failings. I just can't understand why this former menial for The Jerusalem Post is even employed.

Bill should really STFU.

bdr said...

Why should Bill stfu?

If Obama can summon Zombie Reagan, HRC can summon The Clenis.

It's a GAME.

And honestly, Landru, did you pay blogger extra to get the best squiggles?

ggrgahak? Noun OR verb!

Sasha said...

Because Bill's constant place in the spotlight makes her look weak and not in control. And women like me want to see her in charge, not him.

I know it is a game. Sheesh, why else would I know so much about it. But Bill is doing her serious harm with his constant struggle to get all the attention.

Landru said...

I pay Blooger extra to get Klingon.

And now, I'll just go dance around in excitement over having changed Sasha's mind about something.