Monday, February 23, 2009


WE got new underpants for Bam-Bam. The previous ones were too small. Ilse didn't understand that briefs could be too small. She thought we menfolk like our boys snug. While this probably explains a great many things about Ilse, I'm not sure exactly what they are.

IF you are sporting a bumper sticker advertising a political concept, philosophy, or sporting team with which I sympathize, please do not drive like a dick.

Say Hi to Sid

THE Washington Capitals fucking rock, and the word "douche" is too nice, and far too tasteful, for Sidney Crosby.

Note the Sid-friendly spin on the title of the video. is stopped, and Sid hooks Ovie, shoves him over the boards, whining the whole time, and then has a high vagina sprain when Ovie pays him back. Niiiiiice. That's definitely Ovie roughing Sid up.

I've discoursed before on my abject, most unpretty hatred of every Eastern Conference NHL team that isn't the Caps, and on my grievous distaste for much of the Western Conference as well. When it comes to hockey, I am, in fact, a black hole of hatin'. I can hate other hockey teams with the best of them. I got the PhD in Hatin'. There is no hell fiery enough to punish me for the degree and volume of my hockey hate. This may sound a little Brer Rabbity to some of my closer friends, but really, I am a bad, bad person when it comes to hockey fandom/hatedom, and in an eternal, philosophical sense, I almost certainly deserve some form of retribution for this stain on my karma.

Even so, Sid Crosby is such a hateful, whinging, bleeding pussy that it detracts from my enjoyment of how much I hate the Rangers, Flyers, Devils, Bruins, Islanders, and Canadiens. I mean, seriously, the Pens are fucking-A despicable, and it's a long, hard hate, born of far more spite than is healthy to have experienced in one short lifetime, a hatin' awesome enough to match my 40-year hate on the fucking Habs, which dates back to Ken Motherfucking Dryden (yeah, yeah, you kids get off my lawn).

So fuck you, Sid Crosby, you fucking viral cockblight, for fucking up my joy in hatin', for monopolizing my black soul's dark places so thoroughly (at least until tomorrow night, when the Caps take on the Flyers) that I couldn't even properly hate on Sergei Gonchar and Brooks Orpik and NBC's coverage of yesterday's game total monster ass-whupping. While you, Sid Crosby, are in fact a douche, your douchedom is of a character far too grotesque, too pestilential, too infected, too seedy, too odiferous, to be articulated in this hallowed space. Just fuck you, Sid, and with the dick of someone I don't like.

All this is a little funny, because Thursday, I'm taking this guy and Planet, the Best Kid Ever, to a Caps game (her first, I believe; I'm not sure about him) against the Thrashers, who aren't really worth the energy to hate. I hope they're not disappointed.

Okay, that wasn't brief. I got rolling. Totally my bad.

FINALLY, I can't find an online cite to the story, but I heard on my local all-news, all Badenful all morning, all scary all panicky traffic guy all afternoon, radio station that the president of my local locality's county council is a douche. Now, this is a douchedom less spectacularly pustulent than the aforementioned pestilential douchedom of Cindy Crysby. But it's still pretty doucheriffic, because this guy loves trees almost as much as he hates teachers. The man belongs on the Left Coast, which hasn't stopped him from getting elected and hanging in long enough to take his turn as head of the council (it rotates, I think annually). But now, the aforementioned radio station tells me (without backing it up on the station's Web site) that Council President Duckfucker is tearing into the county Board of Education for its $13-million (chump change) contract to buy Promethean Boards, claiming it violated state law for the Board to scatter a few pennies to install these things in every classroom in the county without first sucking Council President Duckfucker's tiny shrivelled classic liberal pussy dick.

Ilse, Goth (blog deceased), and this wise and wonderful uberwoman, will tell you that Promethean Boards are a life-altering event for teachers. I've seen them in action, and as a total layperson, I agree totally. That Council President Duckfucker wants to interpose his tree-loving self into the educational spending process in this, a top-ten U.S. school system, is just diamond shitting of the worst sort. That this jerk has actually caused me to abstain from voting in a council election makes it even worse. Suck it, Phil Andrews.


Gothmog said...

Thanks for the shout-out. You know I get a little worried when "Gratuitous Misogyny" is ahead of me in the label count.

Actually, now that I think about it, I'd probably worry more if it weren't.

My verification: factio

bdr said...

Elric took me and Planet to a game last year, but they were way up in a corner of the top tier, so if these seats are as good as you say, it'll feel like the first time, like it never will again.

Speaking of Elric, he could kick your ass in Crosby hating. Ask him. (Also, go to BPWTF, go to the recent archives, and steal his Crosby pdf.)

Purplestate said...

Nothing about the Terps?

Shocked, sir, Shocked. Almost as shocked as I was to not get a pre-emptive "Fuck you, Purple."

"seukon" THAT

Buffalo said...

As is said in the south;

fuck all y'all.....I hate that syphilitic felch dripping (Ms. Crosby) far more than any of you..

E7 said...

nice vid. Crosby is shit-punk, but for some reason, I can´t get myself to hate Malkin (´ceptin for the Penguin-scum thing...).

I´m baking in Tulum until Saturday night, but I can´t wait to get back and see some Caps.

BTW - Nylander must go.

Hamster Hamlet said...

Hooray for underpants!

No one, I mean NO ONE, gets their hate on like you, Mein Field Marshall! I believe you have a familial reason to loath the Rangers but it is another NY team, Duh Islanders, that still has me in a thrall of detestation even after two plus decades. I still remember like it was yesterday being up past two in the morning listening to Pat LaFontaine beating the Caps in four overtimes. I'm unnaturally thrilled to see them crushed into the ice, their eyes glazed by their very own suckitude. The Pens come next, not just for years of crushing Caps hopes but most especially for that pustular, scabrous maggot J___ J___, who's name will not blight this splendid blog. The pussiest of the pussiest! I have a grudging respect for the punk Flyers but love to see them & their fans get knocked on their collective cans every chance I get. The third period beat down they gave the Caps the other night still has me grinding my teeth. I hope you have fun with DOGMA-n & his kin tonight.

E7, I am surprised that you can't get a hate on for Pussy Malkin. The disappearing act of his in last years finals spoke volumes about him. Actually it wasn't so much as a disappearance as a whinging, mewling whining fit that makes Crosby's current snit sound like Ric Flair. Alas, you are right about Nylander. I loved the move when the Caps announced it but it has just never worked out & I can't explain why. Oh, well....

E7 said...

I was so excited when they signed Nyls that I bought his jersey. I really don´t like Malkin - I just don´t hate him. He would be a monster on our team...

Now that Gonchar is a traitorous little bitch.

bdr said...

Ric Flair has shoes that cost more than your house.

Landru said...

Totally with you on Gonchar, E7. And I think the issue with Malkin is that Cindy just makes it really hard to reach into my black little heart and come up with additional hatin' for Yevgeni, especially since he and Ovie are such buttatious BFFs.

I vividly recall that horrible night as well, HH. I believe that you will find that team in the list of inseparable rotating maximal hatred above.

What I also vividly recall about that night is that I was, at the time, living with the SBOD, who neither understood nor appreciated my 2 AM cry of agony. Of course, just living with her was enough to get that sort of agony out of me most nights, anyway.

And finally: hockey with bDr and Planet was a blast.