Wednesday, April 01, 2009

World Autism Awareness Day 2009

Woot. It's time to celebrate, again. Oh, wait a minute...

We first visited WAAD last year, and what a post that was. What's changed? Not a lot, except that Bam-Bam's food choices are a little narrower these days than they were a year ago.

Idiots still abound. The science blogs to your right have done their usual fine job of covering the idiocy. CNN continues to let Larry King invite Queen Idiot Jenny McCarthy onto his show to allow her to spread misinformation that furthers her goal of killing people. Minions commemorates Jenny's this with a new sidebar link to the Jenny McCarthy Body Count, which tracks the number of U.S. deaths from vaccine-preventable illnesses. Way to go, Jenny. Every single one of them is on your head. Time chose today to help CNN out with its Jennyrobics, in an appalling interview in which Jenny tells us that children with disabilities are called "shadows" and that she'd cheerfully sign her kid up for the measles, a potentially fatal disease. All of this is in aid of her latest premeditated and willful attempt to kill people with preventable diseases.

By the way, Jenny hates "toxins" in vaccines but is an avid supporter of Botox.

Meh. Enough of that. I'll look forward to CNN's and Time's coverage of holocaust denial, Flat Earthism, and the Easter Bunny (hippitus hoppitus!)

Bam-Bam remains who he is. There's been no breakthrough in his development since the last time we discussed this, and maybe there will be one someday, or maybe there won't. We do what we can. He does what he can, giggling most of the way. This morning, Bam-Bam and I will get up, and he'll snuggle into my lap for 5 minutes (possibly grabbing my hands and placing them on his butt, indicate that he wants me to drum lightly there for a few beats, or maybe we're past that now), and eat his Wild Berry Poptarts and his Krispix, and ask me for a video (it will be a Sesame Workshop production, his current video obsession) before he gets on the bus to go to school, and turn around and throw his head back so he can look at me upside down, and bounce on his trampoline after he throws me out of his playroom so that he can have some time to be Bam-Bam before the world starts making demands of him.

I'm okay with all of that, because there's no other rational choice.

Give a thought to Bam-Bam and the rest of the spectrum, and vaccinate your fucking kids. That is all.


Swami said...

Max insists on gargling that rinse water the dentist squirts into your mouth. He is all about the oral hygeine. Everyone can just stand there and wait until he is done gargling before they syphon the water out. Every time. It's the principle of the thing.

Saddest thing on CNN's coverage? (What little I watched of it.) This was when the not Surgeon General Dr. Gupta revealed that many parents have the simple plan of outliving their kids with autism. It's the only way, really, to be ensure their future. I know this is my Tom's plan...

Landru said...

I gotta admit, S, that's sorta my plan, and given the Me-ness of Me, it's really a pretty awesomely shitty plan.