Saturday, June 06, 2009

June 6 Revisited

I blogged three years ago about this date, and that post remains relevant, because my prose is pretty timeless that way. Go read it.

It bears repeating that false equivalence remains a popular way to evidence one's argument, especially if the argument is too moronic to stand on its own (that doesn't render my side immune to the temptation). The false equivalence is likely to mount, what with that centrist fraud we elected President traipsing about Europe for the 65th anniversary of D-Day, reflecting (as he should) on the horror and the sacrifice and the necessity and that which followed.

Think today about the men and women who worked and fought and died and sacrificed 65 years ago for a less threatening world--by which I mean a world that was actually less threatening, in a very real way, to millions of people. Think about the advances in quality of life, for billions of people, that ensued. And think about what it will take to advance, even in a small way, the quality of life for the four fifths of the world's population that have yet to enjoy much of that prosperity, and hope or pray, as suits you, that humanity has what it takes to make even some fraction of that happen. There's not a damn thing about that equivalence that's false. At this point in my thinking, the certain fact that the President is a centrist fraud diminishes a little in importance, because fraud though he is and will remain, at least he's not a dick (in this regard), and I do believe that he has some glimmer of hope and concern for that four fifths of humanity.

And that's what D-Day means to me.


Sasha said...

C-SPAN (thank you Brian Lamb) has been doing live coverage of the ceremonies at Normandy today that include many of the remaining veterans. They are really quite touching. And no, the President is not a dick in this regard. He remembers his uncle that was part of this. (And he isn't an embarassment.) Thank you for another reminder.

Sasha said...

Amazing site and images, from the U.S. Army.

Anonymous said...

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