Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Clock's ticking, Wheezus.
And let's not hear any more of this shit about me and cats:

That's why.
I'll probably mock the Sabbath and be back later with a USWNT-France post. Rules are for rubes.


Sasha said...

Out there in the west where the temperature is 142 to day they sleep in. (Yes, I defend all of my friends. Why do you ask?)

Happy. Y'old fart.

Purplestate said...

Happy. Missed playing games with y'all'n's this year.

Anonymous said...

Happy new ring on the trunk, Landru! And when I say "happy" I mean to dissuade any of your interior mental urgings to feel old... ain't nuthin' but a number, and I'll hit the same in 7 mos.

Lisa McMann said...

Eating bacon

Gothmog said...

Happy happy. The Wheezus is a tough act to follow.

Lisa McMann said...

So did you follow it?

I was gonna leave a link to the TAR summary in my blog post but my parents read my blog. So

Landru said...

Thanks and love to all, especially to my still-beloved attention whore buddies.

G, she gave me Weavers, man. WTF is anyone gonna do to follow that?

ilse said...

A poor little boy was a-lying in bed
Unable to sleep cause of snot in his head
His mommy came over, looked down on his cot
And offered sandpaper to soak up his snot
He thought this weren't right for to take up his boogers
(The real commercial was coated in sugar)
But a long story short must be made of this thing
So she gave him some Puffs for his mucousy strings.

Wow. You used to be funny.

Gothmog said...

I tried to give you Heather Mitts as a teenager. But I put it in the comments of the wrong post, and I don't have any photos. I suck.