Friday, May 11, 2012

Happy Mothers Day, or, No Will for Outrage

There are two things really severely annoying me now, and I really only have the time to acknowledge them because not farting about this will rankle all weekend when I should be helping Data and Bam honor their mother, and of course honoring my own sainted mother, the She-Nurse of the SS.

Now, it's no secret that those scheming and selfish gay folk have monopolized the news this week, what with setting themselves up to be bashed in North Carolina (sadly enough, the home of the She-Nurse, though of course she did the right thing, because if she didn't I'd hate her too much to show my love with that nom d'blog), and then deviously gangfucking Barack Obama in his tight preznitential ass with their big gay dicks until he submitted and put on leather chaps and admitted he's been lying for years about loving the ghey and that Sasha and Malia were only procreationalized because Bill Ayers milked him into a bottle and sold the precious jism to Michelle for her nefarious use.

Damn them. And damn him for loving them. Y'know who almost always says it pretty well? Dahlia, that's who. So yeah, what she said, plus, special to everyone who wants to pretend that BarryO publicly stating, as Preznit of the Motherfucking United States, that he supports gay marriage, isn't good enough, because W: just fuck off. I mean, seriously. No one is saying that his support for gay marriage wipes out his warmongering, so quit fucking shitting up the Internets with that fucking strawman, and the other one about how "I support gay marriage," which is what he unequivocally said, badly mangled though it emerged from the newly christened preznitential cocksucker, somehow isn't good enough and he should personally assfuck every state legislature and cracker until they submit to ghey onions.

Furthermore, I'm fucking sick of you. Yes, war is bad. Killing people is bad. Fucking with the Constitution is bad. Therefore, shit on him at every fucking opportunity, keep fucking pretending about the black Corporate helicopters, keep pretending there's no difference whatsoever that's good enough. Keep up the fucking playground taunting of anyone who doesn't accept your absolute stance, who rejects that compassionate Mittens, the gay preppie's worst delayed-time-bomb nightmare, would be demonstrably worse, because there's some alternative that prevents all death and inequity.

Fucking sophist bullshit, objectively no fucking better or more intellectually sophisticated than...

Jonah Goldberg. No, I'm not fucking kidding. But just typing that name illifies me, so let's let Susan do the heavy lifting, and really, she does that lifting very well. I'm leaving all the thinking to her, thanks. Okay, not all, because Alex Pareene did a pretty awesome job, too.

Yeah, okay, I guess I lied. Three things. And I suppose I do have the will for outrage. My bad.
Oh, and fuck Blogger.


Sasha said...

Fucking sophist bullshit indeed. Well said. Because I would have said it for a week and a half.

Jim H. said...

Happy Mother's Day to the heroic mother of Data and Bam (you get a day in June, as well). I'm still moved by your recent post and can only imagine her (and your) struggles and joy.

As for Jonah Goldberg, yeah "authoritarian" is precisely the right word for his cult of victimization.

Oh, and someone, a dear friend of yours apparently, took the 'Furthermore' para personally. What was it Plato said about poets...?

Landru said...

He said they're pussies?

Seriously: I realized very quickly that umbrage at him taking it personally was not sustainable fiction. Of course it was targeted at what's closest to home, though it certainly wasn't at all exclusive.