Friday, July 13, 2012

The Festival & c.

Yeah, it's that day. Legitimate debate rages on whether you'd rather give up a birthday bang to me, Patrick Stewart (STFU, honey), or Han Solo, but of course that's your call, because even more of course, it's all about you.

On the state of the sentient computer:

Love to all the peeps.


BDR said...

Happies. The number in your squiggles says 26. Nice try.

E7 said...

Happy day, Cancer Boy.

Sasha said...

Love back atcha.

Jim H. said...

Love you back.

When I lived in NYC, TMBG had a 770 phone # you could call and hear a different song each day.

At your age, the only ones that count end in either a -5 or a -0.