Friday, March 15, 2013

Hate Good

I am a man of peace, with exceptions. A horrible man. A spiteful man.

A not very nice man. After all, it's not this child-meme's fault that he has bad parents. Does this lessen the gladness in my heart tonight, or any night when this meme plays?

No. No, it does not.

But let's rewrite my spite, because hatred leads to bitterness, and bitterness leads to Jar Jar Binks. Let's leave that poor, possibly presumptively innocent child out of this. Let's go here instead.

Ratface, Chris Collins, and Wojo all facepalming to cover their tears. With an enraged Dookiegirl looking on. A little while ago, I raised with a fellow Terp the spectre of how joyful it might've been to bang UberTerp Bonnie Bernstein 20 years ago, when she was an actual Terp gymnast. This picture? Is even better.

Look, I've written before about my mitochondrial Terp love, my secret wish to have Juan Dixon's babies, my undying love for the Terp National Championship team of 11 years ago, my disdain for the post-Cole Terp teams, the ascendance of the Terp women, the thing that died a little in my heart when Gary Williams decided he was sick and tired of this shit.

That doesn't mean that beating Dook isn't fun. Rock on, Dez Wells.

Go Terps. Fuck Dook.

Also: J.J. Redick still drinks his own urine.


BDR said...

You didn't say your liver hurt, but still, credit for the Dostoevsky allusion!

And while I can't summon much of a damn about Terpistan, I can still hate Duke.

Jim H. said...

Hating Duke was mother's milk @ the H household. U. of New Jersey, Durham. On that we can agree.

I'm actually fearing the Turtle this afternoon. And, frankly, sorry to see them go to the Big however many. Can you imagine a Md./Syracuse or Md./Louisville rivalry at inception? All teams I've always respected.

Respect. And Dez Wells is a beast.

And, to your point, there's no shame or dishonor in hating dook. None. Not ever. The whiniest, crybabiest, undercuttingest, floppingest team ever.

Nor the Dallas Cowboys. Nor the Yankees.

Now, Go Heels!

Jim H. said...

Damn. Md handled dook from the tip to the end, controlled the game, didn't let them get close.

UNC got an early jump, but Md kept coming back and coming back and coming back. I can't believe we held on for the W.

Turnovers were the big key. No lack of HEART!

Sasha said...

It is Saturday and Terpdom lost to UNC by 3. But played a decent respectable game. After making Dook cry. I'm pretty happy about today and the future. Dez Williams has that spark from the old days. And they're growing.

Good on 'em.

Sasha said...

Also. That troglodyte teaching his child to emulate and adore Dook? Child abuse, plain and simple.

Whispers said...

I think you're misreading the chick behind the Dook bench. Clearly she is focusing hex-power, a la Prof. Quirrell in Harry Potter I. I wouldn't be surprised if you saw Voldemort attached to the back of her head.

You should thank her for the power of her wickedness, which clearly has crippled the Duke bench.

Only one talking head has picked Dook to win it all. I count that as a victory.

Sadly, more than one is picking Louisville. (Or is that more than one are picking Louisville?)