Saturday, July 27, 2013


BFF has managed to lose his free domain name associated with his free blog management software. I have never heard of anyone having a whit of trouble with Blogger, but apparently he feels he has been exiled (and assures me that there is an army of Blogger-disenfranchised out there beyond my horizon).

Now, the President himself landed a black helicopter in my yard and promised me that this difficulty--which I say in all seriousness as an actual Web professional, no one in the entire human universe could possibly deliberately replicate--is because dogma-N (and yes, this kind of stuff is exactly how he got that name, lo these 30 or so years ago) likes Brad Manning and Ed Snowden. Then he fired a drone at my neighbor. So I guess it's real.

Anyway, he's here for now. I've whacked him from the rolls until he settles, because I'm not going to change it every other day while he gets it resolved, and because I'm not sending you to the fuckware site at which his domain name presently resides.

Update: BFF correctly corrects me in comments. He paid for the domain name. So like his theorizing, my mockery is misplaced. Fine metaphors, as someone says, abound.

This is not to say that Google should offer domain names through cheapass nobody low bidders. And trust me on this: I know from cheapass nobody low bidders. But it's not uncommon or unique to Google. I just had a similar, much lower-profile experience with another IT leviathan whose productivity software you are forced to use--a black hole between a big name and some schlubs to whom they outsourced a chunk of human interface, in this case their e-store.

Which cycles us back to this: trust no one. Which is a highly synthesized, overly simplified, and completely useless version of BFF's point.


BDR said...

Not free, actually, I bought the domain name three years ago which is why there's no blogspot in the URL. $10 a year. They've been sending me renewal emails since May and won't let me log in. So yes, in the larger picture this is my fault for my vanity of wanting the URL I had, though fuck google for demanding I do something they won't allow me to do. Which isn't to say I don't deserve mocking.

Sasha said...

Thank you so much for this post. I have been biting my fingers to keep them from typing something similar but couldn't figure out how to do same without seeming amazingly unkind. Which was not my intent.

Also. If anybody pays more than .99 (GoDaddy) for a domain name, they overpaid.

mistah charley, ph.d. said...

have you had a chance to look at my blogspot place? i've put some good stuff there (admittedly not recently)