Friday, September 27, 2013

Oh. That.

It's apparently Google's 15th birthday. This required some research, since whoever designed today's Doodle didn't bother to do a little bit of Javascripting to include mouseover text. So as an actual Web guy, let me just say this:

Fuck You, Google. It is your good fortune to be only slightly less evil than Apple, and about precisely as evil as Microsoft. Comparative analysis aside, Fuck You, Google.


Jim H. said...

But what choice do we have? Bing? YaHoo?

Landru said...

I offer no solutions, just complaints and harassment.

Whispers said...

I see a lot of papers written at AHRQ regarding Comparative Evil Research (or CER for short).

Or, I would be if the fuckers in the House weren't shoving dildos up their butts to celebrate their vanadalism.

And then they troll chat websites talking about how the shutdown is having "no effect." They simultaneously blame the Democrats for closing politically popular parks.

Historic d-bags, these people are.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

LOL. The only reason Microsoft is no longer more evil than Apple is that they are sliding quickly down the Relevancy scale.