Saturday, March 21, 2015

Reaffirming Life To The Tune Of The High Knez' Daughter

I have posted nine times since Planet's last birthday. Three posts concerned progressively more sad milestone deaths. One was about Planet's daddy. One was about another birthday. Three were about sports. And one was my annual post about Bam-Bam and the autism spectrum.

Damn, my range and mindedness have gotten narrow.

Planet is twenty-two years old today. She is, as you know, the official Best Kid Evar of this here blog (though that designation must someday soon, by definition, come to an end as her eligibility expires), and I cannot recall a time when she has seriously asked me for anything of consequence, let alone more or less insisted (and lest I overstate, I must define "insisted" here as "Will you please?"). That has changed, and I was gratified when this beautiful child, this stunningly creative and brilliant young woman, asked me, back before the academic year started, to take a little trip for her at the end of the year.

And so, in fifty-five days I will fly to Ohio, and drive to the campus of a college I attended briefly until the pressure of having to consume alcohol and other drugs forced me to get the fuck out of there and back to familiar surroundings, and I will watch Planet graduate from that little school on a central Ohio hill upon which a drunk old bishop named Philander Chase collapsed back in 1824. leading him to found an institution in a spot where students would not be tempted by drinking and dancing and fucking.

By the way, that last part, about the drinking and dancing and fucking? Total fail. Embarrassing, really.

But not the point. The point is Happy Birthday, Planet, and congratulations on wrapping up an outstanding undergraduate career, and go forth and become the Best Millennial Evar, and enjoy the privilege of being the only fucking young person in the world who doesn't have to get the fuck off of my fucking lawn.

This child grew up to tell me "Baby needs a new pair of fucking shoes." Life doesn't get any more fucking awesome than that, bitchez.

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