Monday, April 27, 2015

Bizarro Night

Thrilled beyond measure for my Washington Capitals, who are a quarter of the way to a Stanley Cup that they won't win.

Crying for Baltimore. How completely fucking awful. Cops' Tweets (60 percent of them include the words "violent criminals") not helping. People burning down new affordable housing constructed by a church not helping. Governor insulting Mayor not helping. What a horrible fucking night for Baltimore and for my state.


Jim H. said...

Query: Will the [white] rioting be worse or better if the Caps win the Cup?

Landru said...

Not gonna be an issue, and given how fucked up the narrative is, coming from the police, from the city, and from fucking idiots who think that looting is a rational response to anything, or whose response to what happened last night is "Fuck the police," I'm actually sorry--ashamed, now that I think it through--that I chose to juxtapose my joy with my sorrow here. I plead chronology--which is still a pretty crappy plea.