Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Gained In Translation

My friend Blondie from Texas commented after yesterday's post about never expecting to see bunny pics on this site. Because I am such a keen observer of womens' wants and needs, I have successfully translated Blondie's comment thusly: "Please post more bunny pictures. Bunnies make me hot."

Here you go, Blondie:

The pink bunnies are named Ann. The yellow bunnies are named Michelle. The purple bunny is named Liberal Faggot AntiChrist. There's a-gonna be a lynchin'.

These bunnies are cruising for tail. Ann and Michelle say, "You're next, gaymos."

These bunnies look like America. Ann and Michelle hate that. Especially Michelle. She's third from the right, on the bottom row. Note her white ears.

These bunnies look like rats.

These bunnies have been eaten by a cat.

These bunnies make it burn when I pee. Quite a lot, actually.

These bunnies are called the Lonestar Bunnies, which would make them Blondie's neighbors. I'd be deeply concerned about that, if I was Blondie.

These bunnies are going to fuck you up. Seriously.

Remember, kids. Don't look for the shoutout. The shoutout looks for you. It worked for Blondie, right?


momma said...

I'm laughing so hard I'm crying. You? have accidentally

HistoryDetective said...

Nooooooo!!! Not the purple bunny!

Funniest stuff I have seen in forever.

Dweeze said...

Nicely played dood. Nicely played.