Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Obligatory whining about busy life. Complaint about specific aspect of relocation to a new home. Snide comment about cable company. Plaintive wailing about difficulty of prolonged separation from spouse.

Okay, that's done. Still, I got no coherent grand unifying theme this morning, so it's bullets for you:
  • As Ann Coulter calls for the bombing of the New York Times, some relatively oft-viewed wingnut blogger calls for the hanging of the five members of the Supreme Court who didn't see things his way in Hamdan, and oodles of relatively oft-viewed wingnut bloggers and psuedojournalists deliberately attempt to intimidate those with whom they disagree by publicizing personal information, the right goes batshit over some moron's comment and pretends it's representative of leftish thinking. Just shut the fuck up, you lying skanks. When you can make a better effort to pretend that you have something of substance to contribute to a meaningful discussion, that's fine, welcome back. But as long as you're going to divert every discussion by calling people terrorists, traitors, and worse, and pretending that every non-wingnut is identical to every other non-wingnut, just put a fucking sock in it.
  • Speaking of Hamdan, what if Mister Justice Stevens doesn't hang in there? (Via Eschaton)
  • Feeling put upon? Here, read about the London sewers. (Thanks to the increasingly tangential and bizarre, but still quite nearly readable Mr. Sun for this one.)
  • 7-11 hates DC. (Via Wonkette)
  • Juergen Klinsmann will be ours. Oh yes he will. (via Deadspin)


Blackdogred said...

whispers said...

If Russell T. Davies sees the article about the London sewers, you can count on it being on next season's Dr. Who.

(BTW, it's a good thing Billie Piper is leaving the TARDIS. The Doctor was getting too sentimental for my tastes. If I want to watch human interest love stories, I'll watch Eastenders, thank you very much.)