Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Oddly Enough

This is also why I haven't posted for 12 days.

That and work, and houseguests, and...uhm...well, those two, plus PS2 and sex with my wife, who is way hotter than that poofter Ronaldinho's Eurotart girlfriend, pretty much cover it. Sorry.

I mean I'm sorry that I haven't posted. I'm not sorry that my wife is way hotter than Alexandra Paressant. Or that I have sex with her. Or that I play on the PS2. Or that I have houseguests. Got it? Especially the parts about my wife being way hotter than Alexandra Paressant and me having sex with her? With my wife, I mean, not Alexandra Paressant?



Dweeze said...

Did you have sex with the houseguests?

Sasha said...

I personally heard one of the houseguests say that he had to shave his legs before sleeping with Landru. I wasn't close enough to follow things from that point.

PurpleState said...

I've been a houseguest, and he's never had sex with ME.

Which, if he were going to have sex with his houseguests, he would. So. No, he doesn't.

His WIFE, on the other hand. Haven't been her houseguest yet . . .