Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Welcome to the Blogroll

This post, from the fine folks at Kissing Suzy Kolber, has earned them a spot to the right. Welcome, KSK, even though you've never heard of me, and never will. I also deleted a few links that make me tired.


TechNoir said...

Oh I will hear of KSK. They are making my ribs hurt. I've even appreciated the part where they describe Danny as "He’s Kim Jong Il but without the nuclear capabilities." more than once.

By the by, Minions right column is loading really really slowly. You might want to glance at the template.

TechNoir said...

And from Part I of The 10 NFL Players Most Likely To Be Gay
"1. Terrell Owens
This is obvious. Lots of people say Owens performs touchdown dances. That’s wrong. Acting out scenes with only a football as your prop isn’t dance. It’s mime. And you know where mime comes from? France. And you know where gayness comes from?"


Dweeze said...

I don't mean to rub in the fact that the fine folks at KSK have heard of me, but they have heard of me. Oh yes. They have.

Captain Caveman and Big Daddy Drew both have fine blogs as well.