Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Comedy Are Funny

I've been accumulating, packratting items to throw in here when I had a moment. I haven't got a moment, but volume demands that I fart all of this out, lest I explode.

I Was Wrong

That's right, I was wrong in my fright post about the Terps at the beginning of the football season. The Terps did, in fact, beat State at Homecoming, to my delight and that of Ilse and our friends. Of course, this merely raises hopes about upcoming games against feverishly weak Felon State and the University of Overtown. I'll stick with my season-record prediction, and my plea for popular campus sites around College Park to be adorned with Ralph Friedgen's ridiculously huge cranium.

In other Terps news: Bite me, Doctor Death (rewarded at right for his return to occasional blogging with a linking we should've done long ago), for actually suggesting that we should acknowledge some other school's chick hoops. Christie Tolliver will eat your kidneys, poisoned as they are by kidney pie. For those of you unprivileged, Doctor Death is our man in London, there to scout tube stops with good call-girl ads in the phone booths. While Doctor Death is crippled by UConn, Sox, Patriots, and various other minor fandoms, and in the right light he's a dead ringer for Peyton Manning, we love his cute little expat ass to pieces anyway.

You Lie

I got push-polled by the Republican Senate campaign here in Maryland. I was slow on the uptake; after a number of more-or-less straight questions about how likely I was to vote and who I'd support, I got a slew of questions that essentially translated to this:

Ben Cardin fucks kittens in the ass before breaking their necks and sucking out the stem cells. Does that make you more or less likely to vote for him? Somewhat, or strongly?

It wasn't really any fun, though. The poller was some bimbo in California who did not understand the concepts of "push-polling" or "if Steele backer Mike Tyson raped you, would you want an abortion?"

Hush Up

Breaking news this morning: Washington Post endorses Ehrlich for re-election as Maryland governor. From the august pages of that staid, Communist, America-hating journal:

"More worrisome yet is the fact that an O'Malley victory would herald a return to the brand of one-party Democratic rule that has served the state poorly in the past."

Uhm...kinda like the one-party Republican rule at the national level, about which the Washington Post has not peeped? EVER?

I look forward to shoving this up the ass of the next fucktard who tells me that the Post is a liberal paper.

Why We Fight

Anyone who's seen any of the Michael J. Fox ads on stem cell research understands their power. This is a simple issue, one on which opponents of stem cell research are simply wrong and completely inarticulate. That they enlist drug addict pedophile and prostitution consumer Rush Limbaugh to carry an untruth-based case against the messenger is pretty much self-defeating. This one has legs. Scream it from the rooftops. I can't think of an issue that more starkly illustrates the other side's cruelty and disrespect for humans.

And Finally

Courtesy of everyone in the universe (and thus I link directly to YouTube), the first four minutes of Borat, which promises to make cruelty and disrespect for humans fun.


BDR said...

Pigbaugh -

It's more than disrespect - it's contempt, and it's more than contempt: it's contempt that justifies abandonment of the tenet that the fortunate are responsible for caring for the unfortunate.

As you say, all you need to know about Pig Conservativism.

Geggy said...

Well, you know, Landru, they only give a shit about you if you haven't been born. In fact, they only give a shit about you if you've barely been conceived.

Actual live human beings who suffer should just shut the fuck up.

whispers said...

Dude, the Terps are two wins ahead of your pace! And with a victory over FSP to boot! Gratz!