Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Mmkay, some things have changed around here. Note the new, more accurate pictorial representation off at the top of the sidebar. That's as close as it's gonna get, right there.

Links have come, links have gone. I have these friends, y'see, and they're in the habit of totally shutting down their blogs and starting new ones and trying to keep me from playing their little reindeer games. But I'm on to them, oh yes. I have ways of tracking them down. And this I have done. You'll notice new links to Fold to Combine and five point five over there in link-link land. Both are written by fine human beings. Consume their intellectual output. And in the case of five point five, go belch the national anthem and piss your name in the snow and generally make a horse's ass of yourself, because she's all Serious and shit, and if enough of us trash up the place and make it look like she built it on an Indian graveyard, she'll have to think up a new name and URL and move there at four in the morning and not tell anybody. But we'll find her. Oh yes we will.

I have left up links to several blogs that publish even more sporadically than this one. The reason for this is that I can't stand to tell most people that I killed their links. Especially my wife. That'd really suck, telling my wife that I dumped her for five point five.

I've also dumped some political and semi-culture stuff. Politics bores me, and I'm just no longer into certain forms of nominal culture that I used to find appealling (to the point where I'd write about them in other fora). What I'm really angling for is an invitation to replace Footsteps Falco over at Kissing Suzy Kolber. But that's gonna take a while.

Remember, I'm still not posting much. I have to really want to rant to take the trouble to log in to Blooger and type stuff, mmkay? The main purpose for this blog is to give me a nice navigation tool to all that stuff on the right. It has nothing to do with wanting to entertain you. If I wanted to entertain you, I'd link to that YouTube of me and Ilse stripping down and singing, "I've Got A Brand New Pair of Roller Skates, You've Got A Brand New Key." We clear on this?


Here. Now I think of it, have some YouTube. The one on the right is Ilse. The one on the left is K-Lo.


Lisa McMann said...

You dork. I love your new photo.

Sasha said...

Your photo is excellent, down to the usual red attire. As is your bloggish thingy. I think Fold will be written as Sasha just because it is easy. For what it's worth.

Welcome to South Park Character Land.

Jolene said...

I should probably update all my links and stuff too. I have way to many dead ones.

gothmog said...

Nice avatar. It really is you, isn't it. And it neatly avoids the questions about Saddam prompted by your old one.

Thanks for not dismissing my sorry ass from your blogrole.

Dweeze said...

Is everyone doing the South Park character thing? You being added to KSK would mean that there would now be two people there worth reading (since CC saves his best work for With Leather), though I don't think I'd want to try to top Drew on a regular basis. Thanks for keeping me on the list, though I am slowly devolving into a You Tube blog.

purplestate said...

new avatar? whatthefuckever.

Pam said...

I have never seen a single episode of South Park. Sad, but true.

*runs off to pester Wheezy*

Kimmah said...

hye. do you read old comments?if so, you can add me back now. or not.

i'm glad you're more regular now

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