Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Dashing All Hope

Fuck you, TBogg, you cruel, insensitive bastard. All I've ever lived for is to sit on the set of some television wankfest, looking Ann Coulter right in the Adam's Apple, screaming that anyone who doesn't agree with me is a fucking moron with a dubious right to reproduce, or suggesting that maybe a trial period for mandatory abortions would be a good thing, or asking Michelle Malkin if she'd like to join me for some hot anchor-baby tapioca action.

But you, Mister Bogg, you with your highfalutin' blog that gets more than six hits a day, and your radiant family and your high-profile outing and your being noticed by people who don't know you personally, you? Have to step in and kick us poor little bitches with nothing but moxie and a dream, right in the fucking teeth? Your sadism knows no bounds. I do have moxie, I do! And no mean old celebrity blogger can tell me otherwise. Someday my ship will come in and I'll get paid for sitting here in my jockstrap and ballgag writing about myself, with an occasional interruption to imprecate Republicans, watch football, or spank the monkey. I mean the children. Spank the children. See? You have flustered me beyond repair.

You, Sir, are one coldhearted and vicious motherfucker. Consider my affections withdrawn.

Except, y'know, feel free to come read Minions and link to it and say bad stuff about me specifically, by name. With links. Heck, I'll even provide photos. Please. Pretty please?


purplestate said...

Nope -- still not following any external links. I know where that leads!

Hey, something came up in class recently, thought about you. A book points out that breast cancer research gets a disproportionate amount of research money, for lots of reasons. This made me think about your rant regarding rational risk assessment -- do you, as a person in the field, have an opion you would care to commit to a public medium about how health-care research should (should, mind you, not will or plausably might) be handled? Should it go to highest risk first, and then second, and so on? Or is the cause celebre fundraising ultimately good for everyone concerned, or is it just way more complicated than that?

Landru said...

I think that generally, research resources should be allocated on the basis of the burden of disease (disability-adjusted life years, or DALYs, which is a bizarre economists' concept that tries to account for the debilitating nature of disease), without neglecting other factors like the cost-benefit of the specific research (some researches are more likely to yield cures/meaningful treatment at a lesser cost).

There's also something to be said for targeting resources to people who don't have ready or affordable access to health care, but that's a can of worms.

The overall point is that, for the amount of money spent in Boston to defuse Lite Brites, an awful lot of kids could've been immunized against things that shouldn't kill them. Or protected against malarial mosquitoes. Or any of a gajillion things. Of course, they're brown kids, and saving the western world from Lite Brites is way more important. The Gates Foundation gives away $800 million a year for health-related causes (more in the near future, now that they've combined forces with the Buffett Foundation). Compare that to over $350 BILLION spent on the Iraq war. Which, as we know, had nothing to do with Lite Brites in the first place.

Sasha said...

Let me add to your health care dollar calculus some vague notion about the probability of success and the general public health implications, however those two things might be measured or evaluated.

And now what I actually came to the comment part to say. What ever made you label this particular post "self-indulgence?"

Sasha said...

Also. What do you think Ms. Malkin refers to when she mentions "My Silky Pony?" Or did I just drive you over the edge?

Landru said...

I think she's referring to the part of her body that Bill O'Reilly regularly goes over with a loofah.

HistoryDetective said...

I already have a link t you on my blog. You know where you can send those jockstrap-and-ballgag photos.


purplestate said...

youd get more hits if you posted more regularly . . .

Just sayin