Sunday, February 25, 2007


Most people either got my last post, or didn't care. Either is fine with me. For those of you who sensed any grain of seriousness--whether or not there are any of you beyond Purple--allow me to clarify.

I don't want to be a famous blogger. I don't give a fuck if people listen to me. I don't give a fuck if I persuade anybody of anything. I don't want to have to care about the effect my words have on others (beyond the realm of the personal, of course).

Would it be really, really cool to get paid for spewing this tripe? Duh. Of course it would. Do I want the responsibility that goes with it (i.e., posting daily and putting up more posts not fairly taggable with "self-indulgence" than otherwise)? Fuck no.

Does that make my blogging wanking? I don't give a fuck. As I think I've said, I blog for me, and to maintain a communication channel with friends in a world where more conventional channels aren't always possible. If that means I'm spraying you indiscriminately like Sexy Rexy, so be it.


Sasha said...

Surely you didn't have some whining wanker visit, did you?

Cesar Broder d' Papillon said...

Arf, arfffllff, arglarglarg, arfackarg...

purplestate said...

I dont care what you say. You're still the George Will of the Left as far as IM concerned.