Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Teh Stupid

It's impossible (and not at all desirable) to be funny about the horrible events at Virginia Tech yesterday, so let's just make a point or two.

1. Giving guns to everyone does not prevent events such as those yesterday, you fucktard.

2. If you feel a need to shout that it's a terrorist act every time someone pulls the trigger of a gun in this country, you really need to re-examine your belief structure, you fucktard.

3. "Paki" is, in fact, a racial slur, Debbie Schussel, you malignant megafucktard, one you casually tossed about speculatively before anything was known about the shooter beyond that he was "Asian." I try not to even give idiots like you the time of day any more, but really, you're just too fucking stupid to be allowed to communicate. You fucktard.

4. There is nothing suspicious about the police taking their time to publicly release information about the shooter. While an investigation is developing, you, Mister Conspiracy Theorist, do not, in fact, have a right to know squadoosh, you fucktard.

5. Every jingoist Christian word you speak gives comfort and raison d'etre to those who are actually radical Islamists; stop shooting off your idiot mouth, you fucktard.

6. If you used the words "trained," "professional," or "military" in reference to the shooter yesterday, you possess the intelligence of a chunk of driftwood. You fucktard.

That is all.


purplestate said...

Yeah. Thank god I was away from media most of yesterday, I don't think I could have handled it.

Saddened, but only surprised that an attack such as this a) hadn't allready happened and b) doesn't happen more often.

I think now is not the time for a "well armed society is a polite society" conversation. Another day.

Ilse said...

You forgot "If them got-damned immigrants are gonna act like this, then they can stay the hell out." I mean, never mind that the guy had been here since he was a toddler...

Side note: I love how the media is using the term "resident alien" rather than "lawful permanent resident." Not loaded at all.