Sunday, June 10, 2007

Dear David Chase

You're a dick.


P.S. You're a dick.

UPDATED FOUR MINUTES LATER: You're still a dick.

LATE UPDATE WITH AN HOUR OF ADDITIONAL PERSPECTIVE: No, seriously. You are still a complete, unmitigated dick.

FINAL UPDATE: Fuck you. You're a dick.


Sasha said...

You? Are being much too kind. I say "asshole" and "sucks donkey dongs."

And if the motherfucker is going to make a movie or a sequel, I'll be the most royally pissed. Yes, me. Not you.

better dream replays said...

I've never seen the show, and until 11:20 last night didn't know what the post was referring to, but having heard and read people all morning about this, all I can say is if you've been watching a tv show for seven years in order to build up to a Journey song (and Debbie Weber's favorite Journey song), all of you have been punkd like punkd never before.

The squiggles make me type upayew. Punkd again!

(BTW, Kornheiser screamed it was "brilliant," claiming ambiguity appeals to English majors. Wanker.)

Sasha said...

Been watching it for 10 years. It took that long to broadcast 7 seasons. Kornheiser has his head firmly implanted where the sun don't shine. And punkd is exactly right.

Kimmah said...

wow--a red dick, even. scary.

Sasha said...

Heather, even though she is dead to you, has a good take on the ending, rioting and Jersey, and Dadaism. Y'all can watch the commercial. Won't kill ya.