Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Once Again

The Man Booker Prize has not gone to bDr.

I'll take them seriously when they get at least a little closer to the mark. Silly bints.


Sasha said...

Well if that wasn't a stupid pandering choice. But I don't think that bDr is eligible.

bdr said...

True story: the first Man Booker announcement was made last year here at Georgetown. Big to-do: celebs, authors, etc. Georgetown main host was a professor of mine, who I ran into yesterday. He's still involved. I asked him what he thought about Achebe. He says, Achebe's a fine author, but it was Africa's turn this year, so it was always going to be Achebe or Thiong'o. I asked, this is going to be rotated like FIFA rotates World Cups from continent to continent? I receive the wink of confirmation.