Saturday, June 30, 2007

Moving the Furniture

I've completed reworking the links. I don't care if you like them, because they're my navigation tool, and as Kimmah admits in the comments in the post immediately below, she loves it when I talk about my navigation tool. And don't think Ilse doesn't know about it.

I would like you to click on some of the links, because that's an affirmation that you care about the things I care about. But if not, no problem, I'll still love many of you unconditionally anyway, and pretend to love the rest.

Hello to: too many to count. Lots of futbol and politics, futbol especially because, as I descend toward unemployment and unshaved depression and drinking and a long death spiral, I'm looking for things to do other than look for a job. Futbol fits the bill nicely. Expect more blogging, too.

Goodbye to: Oh, let's not embarrass them. I know that being cut from the blogroll at Minions is destructive to peoples' self-esteem. Especially people whose blogs are actually read.

1 comment:

Sasha said...

I am such a sloppy reader that at first scan I read Golf instead of Goff and had some serious concerns for your well being. But basically believing you couldn't have gone THAT far off the deep end in a couple of days I re-read. Good on me.

I'm not sure how well that navigation tool would work with an iphone, but it might be funny watching you try.