Thursday, June 28, 2007

Things to Tell You

I am insanely busy right now, hence the radio silence.

The Supreme Court is five-ninths of a pack of flaming assholes. Anthony Kennedy is the worst of the lot. While Roberts, Alito, Scalia, and Thomas can't help themselves in the face of their deeply ingrained hypocrisy, Kennedy knows better. Oh yes he does.

The Democrats in the Senate who allowed Sam Alito to be confirmed should be impeached, disbarred, shunned, and discommodated. And it was obvious at the time of his confirmation that this was the case. For shame. Today's decision on voluntary school desegregation is an affirmation that a small band of racist scum are trying to impose their disease on the rest of us. I'd like to say that the Court is the best evidence of why the President has done incalculable damage to this country. But there's too much evidence for me to make that statement.

Who says summer's not for futbol? USMNT wins the Gold Cup, and USMNT Lite is going to get treated like cows in a slaughterhouse later this eve against the evil Argentines. Meanwhile, DC United needs to take tonight and recover from its failure, last Saturday, to remember what it's supposed to do on the pitch.

New link to your right: Who Ate All the Pies? is a lovely blog on the world futbol scene. Take a look. Or not. More links--futbol and politics--will come when I have time, because I really need to update my navigation tool.

I'll be back.


Sasha said...

The cocksucker senators who voted for Alito and Roberts (or Roberito, as is see frequently) should be tarred and feathered then drawn and quartered. At least.

Stay upright.

Kimmah said...

you were just looking for an excuse to say 'navigation tool'. good play, good play.

alito and roberts make me hivey.