Saturday, July 07, 2007

And Now For Something Completely Different

It's been an awful week. Let's do some bad German disco video. With English subtitles.

Disclaimer: Put down all food and drink. Ensure that your sinuses and other airways are clear. Do not, under any circumstances, forget to breathe while watching this video. I did, and it led directly to this post.

Eternal gratitude to Sadly, No! for the tip that led to this find.


Sasha said...

My sides hurt dammit.

Landru said...

As a stripper once told me after grabbing the back of my head and grinding my nose into her sequined crotch: "It's supposed to hurt, asshole."

purplestate said...

I think I like the subtitles the best. But the choreography is a close second!

The word is: tsxjxg!

Kimmah said...

i think you need to tag that 'videos that should have been made while drunk, but weren't'