Saturday, January 19, 2008

All of These Things Are Exactly Like the Others

Go on, convince me there's a meaningful difference between the right-wing spew that typifies Hillary Clinton's line, the fundamentally empty mewl that is John Edwards' line, and Barack Obama's fond advocacy of Saint Ronnie as he scrambles around in his own asshole for anything to say that doesn't boil down to an attack on Hillary's manhood or womanhood.

Eat and poop first, breathe steadily, and maintain your hydration, because it's going to take you a very long time.

A very long time.

I said last week or so that voting in the general election would not be as palpably awful as in was in 2004. I may well have been wrong.

Update for Sasha (see comments):

Yes, style counts. And none of the three frontrunners has a whit of it.

They all react in times of trouble by lashing out. They all have senses of humor that are too directed at tearing down their opponents. All three have spouses who are assholes, although I'll grant that as a matter of degree, Michelle Obama is probably slightly less of an asshole than Elizabeth Edwards, and to extricate Bill Clinton the Asshole from Bill Clinton the Icon is more of a task than I wish to undertake--so I'll concede that he's an asshole and leave it there, differentiating him from the fierce mother kitty Michelle Obama and the overbearing, smug, and controlling Elizabeth Edwards not one tiny bit. They all listen enough to know how to lash out and try to correct for their perception of how people don't like them.

As I have previously said, all three are raving fucking psychopaths, which appears to me to be a qualification for the job of presidential candidate. Our three primary psychopaths are distinguishably less scary than their five or six (who the fuck's counting?) primary psychopaths.

All of these things are exactly like the others. All of these things are exactly like the others.


Sasha said...

I'm going to eat and poop. And then I'm going to come back here and tell you that style counts dammit. And that my "meaningful difference" amounts to means and ends instead of policy proposals. And that how one reacts in time of trouble, whether one has a sense of humor, if ones spouse is an asshole, and whether or not one listens counts too. If those things aren't "meaningful" in your system then we can argue about that.

Sasha said...

Thank you for helping me to change my mind about Senor Barak's Saint Ronnie remarks. With your help and the help of the actually sainted Digby as well as Matt Stoller's fine piece, I agree that his remarks were seriously aggregious.

I'm going to struggle to take another look at Senator Clinton if Bill will STFU long enough.