Monday, January 07, 2008

Just Wire Me The Royalties, Please

Shorter* Digby:

What Landru said**.

*Shorter concept stolen from someone, somewhere.

**Except better, more comprehensive and focused, and less pissed off and apathetic***.

***It's a disease, you know.


Who else would write this? said...


can't be bothered to blog for an age -- I was going to use another euphemism but I decided that some of your readers wouldn't appreciate it -- and then suddenly has an impulse to write LOOKATMEIWASRIGHTSEEHOWCOOLIAM?

Yes, You were right. You are cool. K?

Me again said...

And why isn't self-indulgence one of the categories? Huh?

Landru said...

Bite me, Purple.

Landru said...

Oops. Sorry, Purple, I did you a disservice there. I plead sleep deficiency.

Fuck you, Sasha.

Landru said...

See? That's how fucking cool I am. I'm so cool I can blithely slide from horsecollaring one of my best friends to kicking another in her nads. I'm so cool I don't care how cool I am. I'm so cool I don't need sleep, ever.

Jolene said...

Aren't pissed off and apathetic mutually exclusive?

But I've Still Got Big Nads said...

Yes, you are very cool. BUT (and these are words you never thought you'd hear from me) you aren't as cool as Bill Gates is today. (Aww crap, they took the damn video down.)

Sasha said...

Here goes. I found it buried in the muck. Bill Gates last day. (If'n you're a geek it's worth the click.)


Landru said...

Dear Jolene,



PS: The Gates vid is utterly adorable.