Wednesday, February 13, 2008


That worked out well.

Of course, Minions had no real hope for its Richardson delegate. But our school board candidate's third-place finish behind a fat white guy (who, at least, loves queers and sports a wife who's a high-school teacher) and a perennial gadfly candidate was pretty disappointing.

Had Minions known of its prowess, it would have endorsed Jeebus of Spamalot* (whose wife did, in fact, call us during dinner last night just to say, "Hi, don't vote for that bitch."). Some reconsideration of an endorsement strategy for November is likely in order. Don't be surprised by a sudden swing to Grandpa.

And we'll predict it right now; your next president ain't gonna be named Hillary or Barack.

*Jeebus of Camelot motif is probably the intellectual property of this guy.


Sasha said...

Might be named Barack though :)

And today the Old White Guy with all of that moral authority voted for torture. *spit*

Christopher said...

Would you care to put some cold, hard, cash on that prediction? Or perhaps you'd wager, say, a spot in a showcase diplomacy game against a night of babysitting?


Landru said...

Fuck no. Betting makes it far worse.