Monday, February 11, 2008

And So, Minions Endorses

-Alies Muskin for Montgomery County Board of Education at large, because most of the other candidates want to make sure that your children get out of high school without knowing what homosexuality is, assuming they're not altar boys; and

-Kathleen Sengstock (Richardson) for one of the four MoCo Democratic Delegate slots reserved for women.

Minions respectfully suggests that you never vote for Tommy Le or Deb Vollmer for any office in any jurisdiction (Minions voted for Vollmer twice, twice upon a time, before he realized that she was an unreconstructed Greentard). Minions notes somewhat less respectfully that Lih Young once (metaphorically) pissed in John the Daftist's tea, and appeared to enjoy it.

Minions scoffs at those who straightfacedly suggest a single fecal bacteria's worth of substantive difference between Senator Clinton and Senator Obama.* Then it laughs at them. Then it points and laughs at them, especially if they argue the case with any vigor whatsoever. Minions will, of course, vote in November for the Democratic nominee, whichever lying traitor to the liberal tradition it turns out to be.

Other than that, Minions releases you to your conscience, assuming you claim one. Minions, of course, makes no such claim.

*Minions just barely respects friend Sasha's decision to vote for Obama because The Big Dog showed her his genital warts, or some such piffle. At least she's not claiming anything of any substance, at least not out where you people can hear her. Minions suspects friend bDr just plain has a damaged circuit or two, but love is a many-splendored and, in Minions' case, pretty much unconditional thing.


Sasha said...

Thank you Minions. I appreciate your endorsements and will appropriately take them into consideration. May I second your cautions about Tommy Le (who has run for something every election in my memory and who appears to be an engineer at the NRC these days) and Deborah Vollmer who has gone from being a pot-stirrer to an eccentric Nader-like spoiler.

Thank you for respecting my disdorsement.

bdr said...

Please remember I'm endorsing entertainment and potential civil disorder, which can be best served by a particular candidate, not endorsing that candidate b/c I think he's "a single fecal bacteria's worth of difference" superior in and of himself.

We're well and truly fucked whichever. As you say.


swami said...

I have no idea who those first people are but assume they are Crabmeat Primary types so I really don't care.

Last Tuesday I voted (caucased, actually) for Obama because - fecal bacteria or no - electability was my WOTD.

bless you