Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Das Wheezus

Wake's sales rank is, at this moment, number 193 on Barnes and Noble, which has done our Wheezus the courtesy of featuring the book on the front page of the Books tab. The news is less kind at Amazon, which appears to have its head up its ass on this one despite a big push by Simon Pulse (the publishing label).

Fuck Amazon. Our Wheezus rules the universe.

Love and congratulations to Wheezy, aka Lisa McMann (I think we can safely say she's out of the closet now).

Also: thanks to Wheezy for the unexpected kindness of mentioning both me and Ilse in her acknowledgements. She lovely, the Wheezus; when I read a selection of her works a while back, I loved one, so-so'd another, and trashed one. Yeah, just guess.

Neener, neener, she showed me. Love and rockets, Wheezy.


Sasha said...

Good on you Landru. Yes, the Wheezus is a class act. And a great looking blonde. You, of course, have to buy the book to see her picture.

Sasha said...

And on a totally different topic? I wonder if we will ever see a return of the Ant Queen.