Tuesday, April 22, 2008

No. No, Our Presidential Candidates Aren't Fucking Stupid

Senators Obama and Clinton have stepped into the brave world of autism ignorance in their quest to make Pennsylvania relevant. Obama believes the evidence on vaccines and autism is "inconclusive"; it isn't. Clinton (along with Obama) has pledged to increase funding for further study of this maggot-ridden horse (thus depriving, by necessity, funding for more promising avenues of research or, even better, family and community-centered interventions). Fuck 'em both.

Orac does this better than I can, mostly because he's smarter and also, of course, because this flavor of stupid doesn't choke him to inarticulation. He also further elucidates the two Democratic senators' stupid by examining the record better than the Post did.

Hat tip to highly favored homie and serial Obamalover bDr for sending me a link to this shite and goading me into blooging. On that note--the fog clears soon, beloved minions. The fog clears soon.


Sasha said...

Whoa! An unanticipated sighting.

I know it makes you blither, but since when is pandering a new quality in a candidate?

purplestate said...

did you see the daily show spot where they tried to pretend to care what pennsylvanians thought, the day after the primary? Hilarious. Hillaryous? Obamanable? Oh, I just cant wait for your return, sahib!


bdr said...

Neigh, obamafog has lifted. Hillaryhate remains.

J. D. T. Saul said...

Hi Fluffy Bear.

Miss you.