Tuesday, April 29, 2008

All About You (Redux)

Yeah, sure, long time no see. These are the things I have to say:

Four words: Jimi Hendrix sex tape.

More words: Read Respectful Insolence daily. Why? Why. Why. Why. Why. Enough? Okay.

I can't tell you the story of my month, for various reasons that...well, that I can't tell you about. Work was hard, and it was lots, and there was some need to respectfully listen to someone screaming at me without reminding her that she's really, really gallingly fucking stupid. But that's done, I've been off for a few days now, and I've got another day off tomorrow, and then it's back to real life, for a time. Maybe, with that, I'll return to blogging a bit more regularly.

1 comment:

Purplestate said...

Respectful insolence, eh? -snip-

not my cup of tea.