Monday, May 12, 2008

I Really Thought

That I had a post in me about this. And this. And this. And this. Or maybe even on something completely different.

But I don't.

So let's just say this: Vaccines don't cause autism. There is no autism epidemic. The drought is killing me. And United is really not a very good futbol team right now.

Because I am so tired and soulsucked (Ilse had a very good Mother's Day, and while making Special Days for Ilse is what I'm all about, I'm quite extraordinarily drained), and because when I blog of late, it seems a tad single-tracked, I have concluded that I must do something spectacular to repay y'all for the kindness of peeking back to see if I've gotten around to posting.

So, coming when I have the energy: Fake Biographies of Loyal Minionses. Yeah, hold your breath. And no begging.


Sasha said...

I can't wait! (This is not begging, just letting you know how I quiver in anticipation. Mostly. Except for the fear part.)

Christopher said...

Me? I have low expectations. Key to happiness, I aver.


Swami said...

You fake things?

Steven said...

can we have real biographies of fake minionses instead?

kl said...

When Harry Met Satan