Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Right Thing

I have, it appears, unknowingly wronged a certain discommodated person. The news that Santino Quaranta was a drug addict on the day of his downfall is very nearly welcome, because it gives some context for his appalling behavior other than "he's a fucking punkass bitch." Of course, the news is very nearly welcome only in the same sense that the news of Tim Russert's untimely death means we no longer have to listen to him pretending to centrism. Not even an entity as petty and mean-spirited as Minions could wish death or drug addiction on others or their families, and Minions has a special place in its heart for recovering drug addicts. And for fat bastards who infarct, come to think of it, though I hate to apply that to someone as annoying in both life and death as Russert.

Tino's discommodation is, of course reversed, with apologies (but not with forgiveness, because Minions has a pretty definite policy on that, too).

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Cucumber Jones said...

Speaking of Drug Addicts, try giving him some Muffins. Martha and the Muffins....