Sunday, August 31, 2008

Frightened Fascists

Sasha is spot-on here. WTF are the Republicans thinking? They're following up the panic fuck-you of the Mooseburgers selection with an appeal to fear of terrorists weather? They're going to do what instead of doing the business they descended on St. Paul to do (I mean other than rousting hippies)?

Of course, in a rational world, this hypocritical shit backfires. We get to point out that Sarah Palin is a fuck-you to every woman in America. We get to point out that George Antoinette and John Antoinette literally ate cake while New Orleans got blown away the last time. We get to call them on their bullshit.

Will it work? I'm pessimistic. But I'll make the effort. What a pack of shallow, fearmongering twits.


bdr said...

I think the Republicans see the hurricane quite literally as a god-send.

Plus Joe Lieberman can't make his speech, so he's doubly doubly doubly pissed off. Sweet!

yrkfrt! is the bestest squiggles ever!

Swami said...

My lovely husband is quite amazed that police are roaming St Paul in gangs of at least 6 - and they are everywhere. Then again, one of the lower level plate glass windows in his building was shattered last night during a peace march - so I guess we need more cops.

Plus there are some very tough looking guys driving around fast in black SUV convoys. Imagine if the Prez himself had actually come and needed protecting!

On the other hand, I just watched Chris Mathews broadcast from Rice Park, one of St Paul's prettiest downtown parks, and the crowd was Minnesota Nice. Go figure.