Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Hooray for Fascism!

The news from St. Paul is pretty disheartening. Dig in:

Greenwald on Federal involvement in pre-convention police raids.

Greenwald on today's arrests--280 arrests was the last number I saw.

Democracy Now's Amy Goodman arrested for asking to speak to a police commander about two DN journalists beaten and taken into custody.

The Uptake's coverage, including video of a St. Paul police presser. The most charming quote come at about the 7-minute mark of part 3 of the video, whereat a St. Paul PIO tells us that "Obviously, each of the individuals arrested was involved in some criminal activity."


Some of these independent newsies--certainly the ones I'm linking to--are of a liberal bent. But streaming video doesn't lie. Go fuck yourselves, Twin Cities police agencies. Way to reassure all of us that police ain't pigs.

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Ol' Dirty Bama said...

Oooh! Oooh!

Mr. Kotter, it gets better!


"Awesome! Awesome!"-what Amy Goodman was told when she asked a pig how he felt about pre-emptive invasion, while she was being detained, of course.

Nothing like a full Stasi on the move, eh? Brings tears to your eyes.